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10 Pounds of Jamaica High Mountain Supreme Coffee - Ground - Package in 16oz Bags

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Jamaica High Mountain Supreme® Coffee
Our Jamaica High Mountain Supreme ® Coffee is grown at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet above sea level and offers a smooth full-bodied flavor, light acidity, clean taste and pleasant aroma.


Flavor Profile

What to expect from your bag of Roco Cito High Mountain Supreme® Coffee!

TASTE: Mellow and Sweet, Clean and Crisp, No Bitterness

DRY AROMA:  Robust, Exotic, Sweet & Fruity

WET AROMA: Fruity & Light Bodied

BODY: Smooth, No oily after taste & Not Grainy

ACIDITY: Low Medium, Not Tangy, can be drunk black with bitterness or unpleasant after taste.

FLAVOR: Overall smooth

FINISHED: Fruity and Sweet Light Bodied.