Roco Cito Limited (Jamaica) is a family owned registered and licensed business operated by a group of coffee farmers in 9 Mile St. Ann Jamaica. Our family has an extensive coffee knowledge and expertise gained throughout many generations, dating back to the earliest inception of coffee farming on the Island. Roco Cito LLC (USA) is the sole distributor of Roco Cito Limited coffee in the USA.  We offer Coffee Merchandise and Coffee Products. 

Roco Cito Enterprise exports: 

  1. Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee 
  2. Jamaica High Mountain Supreme® Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee
Our Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is grown at elevations between 3000 feet to 7000 feet in the Blue Mountain Region of Jamaica. Jamaica Blue Mountain® is a wet processed coffee that is silky smooth and well - balanced, with an excellent full body, a classic and refined mild taste with a slightly sweet flavor and creamy.

Jamaica High Mountain Supreme® Coffee
Our Jamaica High Mountain Supreme ® Coffee is grown at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet above sea level and offers a smooth full-bodied flavour, light acidity, clean taste and pleasant aroma.